Extase - a brand present on the Polish market for nearly 30 years. During this period, the companies distributing Extase products on the Polish market have changed, and the range of products offered has also changed.

   Nevertheless, throughout this time, the basic product of the series, i.e. spray deodorants, enjoyed the recognition of consumers.

   Classic floral fragrances as well as classic product design with high quality and affordable price have provided our products with a large group of loyal customers.


In their history, Extase products have twice attempted to radically change the graphic design, but the lack of a positive market reaction to these changes forced the then brand owners to return to the original image.

   Being aware that the tradition of the brand and the strength of consumer habits is a value in itself, we have made a subtle facelift of the graphic design of deodorants, achieving, in our opinion, the perfect compromise between the current quality standards and trends, and customer attachment to a specific form.

The fact that our flagship products, which are women's deodorants, are winning the hearts of a growing group of consumers proves that it was a step in the right direction.

   Encouraged by the positive reception of the brand on the market, we decided to expand our offer with new products - shower gels.

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